With stylist and muse credentials, Copenhagen native Alex Carl adheres to the Nordic principle that less is ultimately more. With a love of expert tailoring, 1970s-inspired vintage finds, and a serious collection of outerwear, the fashion director at Rika magazine also consults for brands such as Self-Portrait and has styled for the likes of W and Twin magazine. As a new ambassador for M.i.h Jeans, the London-based denim aficionado is the perfect fit for this effortlessly cool brand. ‘I think that Chloe [Londsale, creative director at M.i.h] is so inspiring – she’s got four kids, she’s got a business and I think we should be celebrating these kinds of women,’ she says. ‘I really appreciate people who are quite understated about what they do. I think being humble is such an important thing, to keep your feet on the ground, especially in an industry where everybody’s shouting louder than the other. I just really appreciate people who are talented, but don’t need to tell everyone about it.’ . Read more here.